25 December 2008

Couple of recent images

This is probably the last post of 2008 for me. It was a really busy year. Both at Lionhead Studios and home. I worked on Fable 2 and now working on another cool title which already looks great. I also did a lot of illustratons for Privateer Press, Paizo and Wizards of the Coast. You'll hopefully be able to see all of those stuff in 2009.

But now, here are a couple of recent images and a sneakpeek.

This is the original cover image I did for Paizo's Planet Stories - The Dark World. You can see the actual cover design in the previous posts.

This is a portrait painting of "Arap Ihsan" from Ihsan Oktay Anar's Novel "Puslu Kitalar Atlasi". I'm not sure if he has been visualised by someone else before but don't think so... More to come on this one...

Lastly, this is the cover of "No Quarter - Issue 21" from Privateer Press. The image on the cover is an illustration I did for the book "Hordes - Metamorphosis". A bit of sneakpeek for you guys ;)

This is it for now. Happy New Year to you all!!! :) See you next year!

17 December 2008

Color practice

Here's something I did just for fun. It's mostly a color practice so haven't paid so much attention to the design... enjoy!