28 July 2013


Hey everyone,

It's been a while! Just wanted to let you know that I've hopped on the Tumblr train as well. I'll be posting my work there instead of Blogger from now on. It is much more convenient:




02 October 2012

Facebook Page

Hey everyone,

I decided to start my own Facebook page only dedicated to my art. If you have an FB account, you can go ahead and like it to be up to date with my work. I'll be posting stuff everyday:

15 June 2012

Painter 12 test

I've found this little sketch I did when I bought Painter 12 couple months ago. I jumped from Painter 10 to 12 and skipped 11. I don't know about 11 but this one looks much less buggy than Painter 10. I quite like it...

23 May 2012

Abort Mission

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share some news. After spending 5 awesome years at Lionhead Studios and working on many great games, I decided to leave and start my own venture. I'll be working as a self employed artist from now on. There are some cool stuff cooking so, please stay tuned! I'll post more about whats going on soon...



06 January 2012

Happy 2012!

I'm a bit late but happy 2012 everyone! I'm hoping that this year I'll be more productive in terms of personal work. Here's another self portrait to start the year. I kinda look like a member of Bee Gees but oh well! This is what happens when you experiment with colors and shapes...

22 August 2011

A rough bloke

This dude has been sitting on my HD for a while. Time to part with him...

18 April 2011


Hey all,

Been some time right? I just wanted to post some news. I'm flying out to my home country Turkey soon to do couple of Workshops. First one will be at Eskisehir Anadolu University Fine Arts Faculty- Animation Department and second one will be at the Animation Festival in Kutahya Dumlupinar University Fine Arts Faculty. Here are the dates:

27th of April - Eskisehir Anadolu University Fine Arts Faculty - Animation Department (Whole day)
29th of April - Animation Festival @ Kutahya Dumlupinar University Fine Arts Faculty (Afternoon)

If you are a student in these Universities, come and say hello.

See you there!


14 February 2011

Some random stuff

Hey all,

Here's a self portrait I've done just for the sake of updating.

and a random head sketch as a bonus

see ya next time!

21 November 2010

Fable 3 Concept Art!

It's time for an update!

I uploaded a selection of "Fable 3" Concept Art on my website (at last). Here are a few of them for sneak peak. But you can find more here:


Hope you like them.

03 October 2010

ImagineFX - Issue 62 workshop

Couple months ago, the nice chaps at ImagineFX asked me to put together a workshop for them. It's about limiting your colour palette while painting digitally using a gamut mask. You can find it in ImagineFX issue 62. There's a 6 hour video, photoshop brushes and all sorts of other exciting stuff included as well. It's already out so go check it out.

Here's the image I created:

And this is the issue cover:

I figured that recording while you're painting is a bit distracting. You feel like someone is watching you, you know what I mean? weird. Well anyway, hope you like it. If you buy the issue and watch my video, I would be more than appreciated if you drop a couple of comments here.


06 September 2010


This is a character I did for Paizo Publishing a while back. A Marauder for Pathfinder series. I thought it's worth posting...

27 May 2010

Madgator album cover

Wow! I'm so lazy. Another four months without any updates. Well, we're really busy at Lionhead trying to push Fable 3 out of the door so I could't find much time to do personal stuff lately. But I had done an album cover a while ago. It was for a Brazilian Heavy Rock band called Madgator. Give them a listen here: http://www.myspace.com/madgatorofficial

They are pretty amazing actually and it's their debut album. I did the identity, cover illustration and booklet design. Here's how it looks:

It was fun to do and they are really nice chaps as well.

Anway, this is it for now... over and out!

30 January 2010

A new character for Wizards

Hey everyone,

It's been some time since I last posted. Well, here's the first art of the new year then. This is a recent Wizard character I did for Wizards. It's for Dragon magazine's issue #383.

I've some more art piled up but I'll have to show them later on. Sorry...
(This is for Turkish readers only)

Gecen hafta Merlin'in Kazani adli Oyun sitesinde taze bir roportajim yayinlandi. Okumak icin asagidaki linke tiklayabilirsiniz:

08 October 2009

Dragon 380 Cover, Warmachine Retribution and more

Hi All,

At last I'm posting some art :) Actually I have lots of stuff piled up but I'll post the rest in time. Here are some illustrations I did this summer:

This one is the cover of Dragon Magazine - Issue 380 for Wizards of the Coast. I had lots of fun doing it. Credit goes to Jon Schindehette for the Art direction.

Here's an interior for Dragon 379. It was for an article about assasins...

This illustration is for a Turkish web based game. I did the character concept as well. Can't say much yet but the project was really fun to work on...

and lastly a full page illustration I did for Privateer Press's Warmachine - Retribution book. This took ages to finish... oh well...

Ok, this is it for today. Hoping to post some more art soon! ;) So stay tuned!

26 September 2009

Shunt photos

Here are a couple of photos from my digital painting demo at Shunt as I promised. It was a great experience and the place was awesome as well. But as you can see in the photos, it was very dark. The demo went just fine except the projector was a bit shitty, I had to paint in b&w.

Well, anyway... I'll post some new art soon. There are quite a bit piled up...

03 September 2009

Live digital painting at Shunt - London Bridge

Hi All,

I'll be at Shunt on 4th of September, Friday around 7.30-8pm and will be doing a live digital demo. There will be some other artists doing cool stuff and an art exhibition as well. The event is called "Art in the industry". If you are in London area, drop by and say hi. Here's a link to the event on facebook: Facebook event

I'll upload some photos after the event so check back soon...

20 August 2009

Fable 3 Announced!

Fable 3 has been announced at last. I've been working on the environment concepts of the game for the last 6 months. The game is coming together really nicely and it's great fun to work on as well. Here's one of my concepts which has gone public yesterday.

Also here's link of a preview on Eurogamer. Link

I'll see if I can post more concepts in the future but this is it for now :)

02 August 2009

Digital Art Masters Vol. 4

Digital Art Masters Volume 4 is now available for sale! I helped out 3dtotal staff during the Judging process and wrote the foreword as well. So check it out! It's full of amazing art work...

DAM4 on Amazon.co.uk

11 July 2009


Here's a new character I've been working on. Actually it was an old sketch but I just wanted to rework on it little bit and tighten it up. Here's the result. He's a Kulhanbeyi (Roughneck) from the last days of Ottoman Empire... I exagerated the proportions a bit and gave him some muscles. Hope you like it...