03 October 2010

ImagineFX - Issue 62 workshop

Couple months ago, the nice chaps at ImagineFX asked me to put together a workshop for them. It's about limiting your colour palette while painting digitally using a gamut mask. You can find it in ImagineFX issue 62. There's a 6 hour video, photoshop brushes and all sorts of other exciting stuff included as well. It's already out so go check it out.

Here's the image I created:

And this is the issue cover:

I figured that recording while you're painting is a bit distracting. You feel like someone is watching you, you know what I mean? weird. Well anyway, hope you like it. If you buy the issue and watch my video, I would be more than appreciated if you drop a couple of comments here.



Tom Scholes said...

Love it.
Man Fable III is gold? :D

Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

David said...

Hey Emrah! I don't even know if I can get ImagineFX here, but I will look for it. Anyway, that painting is awesome for sure :) Keep it up mate!


cgoz said...

i just subscribed imaginefx and find out your video workshop in the first issue delivered.
man, you did it again.

Emrah ELMASLI said...

Tom - Cheers man. Yep! It's out in 2 weeks! I'm quite excited to be honest :)

David - Thanks! You can subscribe if you want so you can receive it every month instead of looking for it in the shops.

cgoz - Thanks buddy. Nice coincidence though isn't it? ;)

Humza Khan said...

Congratulations! The color pallettes on this piece are quite bold withe foreground purples combined wit hte red and then the cool blue positioned again the architectural structure you have going on. Your work is always fun to look at!

Gulzar said...

loving it!

Anthony Francisco said...

cool!... I will definitely pick it up and watch your video. Being a horror issue is a plus :)

Anonymous said...

Ive watched the video however without audio it starts to be a bit confusing. While watching its really hard to understand why you do the things you do. It kinda becomes like "Bob Ross effect" after a while.

I can see that you got the tallent as well as the resource. Im really looking forward to watch more of your videos and understand the fundamentals through your guidence.

Good job