03 September 2009

Live digital painting at Shunt - London Bridge

Hi All,

I'll be at Shunt on 4th of September, Friday around 7.30-8pm and will be doing a live digital demo. There will be some other artists doing cool stuff and an art exhibition as well. The event is called "Art in the industry". If you are in London area, drop by and say hi. Here's a link to the event on facebook: Facebook event

I'll upload some photos after the event so check back soon...


Brun Croes said...

ow man, I wish I could be there.

Is this gonna be recorded so I can check it later somehow ?



Wayne Porter said...

really great updates. that last character is really stunning. nice work!

Emrah ELMASLI said...

Brun - No man, it wasn't recorded but there are some photos. I'll upload them soon.

Wayne - Cheers man.

Brun Croes said...

great, I would love to see them !!!

take care :)